A very special offer to buy Rose’s new book half price

Notes From a Bright Field

50percent_discount1x1Rose Cook Front Cover     by Rose Cook

As it’s Rose Cook’s birthday this February, until 1 March 2014, Cultured Llama is offering a 50% discount on her book

Here’s what you need to do to get the discount:
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The code CLFEB14 expires on 1 March 2014.

Rose Cook’s Notes From a Bright Field is ‘a single quiet path, in and out’, capturing the transitory beauties of the everyday: someone’s ashes imagined as ‘Lux flakes’; the ‘fruit-gummed glass’ of a cathedral. Where the poems’ themes are of nature, loss and the spiritual, these are grounded in concrete imagery like ‘the clack-clack of the shell and the bones’.

Paperback; 104pp;  203×172 mm; 978-0-9568921-9-5; July 2013; Cultured Llama. Notes from a Bright Field costs £8.00 plus £2.00 p&p, £16.00 for two copies (p&p free)

Cultured Llama is a small independent publisher. To buy Rose’s book, click here:


Imbolc ~ Poem for Brigid


February steps in cool,

clear light glances through doorways.

She leans on the threshold,

her eyes spark bright.


She brings green shoots,

the promise of fresh sillion in fields.

We still hear winter’s song, but draw

close to the fire with a smile.


Brigid is come with her blessing,

the earth breathes.

Rose Cook