Fresh Start: A Shepherd’s Calendar ~ Rose Cook

‘Fresh Start: A Shepherd’s Calendar’ by Rose Cook is out now published by Hen Run at Grey Hen Press.
Available by email: it costs £4 plus p&p.

What people are saying:

It’s a beguiling mix of pastoral and personal that I’m enjoying very much 🤍

One month on from its release, this beautiful new Shepherd’s Calendar will take you on a poetic journey through the year. I love it! 🤍

A beautiful book that would make a lovely present 🤍

(Photo Rose Cook)

It’s December ’tis the season 🌟

It’s December 1st 💫

and this is my new book ’Fresh Start: A Shepherd’s Calendar’. It takes you through a year, through the months, through the seasons accompanied by John Clare’s quotes.

Fresh Start is available now from Rose at:

(or from: at £4 plus p&p

This is a fascinating book, one to turn to all the year round.