Today I have a poem on the wonderful Spilling Cocoa poetryzine, thank you!

The Astronomer’s Wife


That was the night she told us

her husband is an astronomer,

who drives off every day to his planetarium

with a box of sandwiches and a Mars bar.


He always has that faraway look in his eyes,

it’s quite attractive, we all thought so.

He has no idea of time though,

his head so full of space.


He knows all the stars and planets

and is looking into Saturn at the moment,

which has been troublesome.

Last year it was Venus, things got very tense.


He’s lovely though, they have four children.

He calls them satellites.

And a dog.



Rose Cook is a Devon based poet whose work has been published in six collections. Her latest book is Shedding Feathers (published by Hen Run, Grey Hen Press).





🧡 Today we celebrate International Women’s Day – all women everywhere

I am thinking particularly of the beautiful women in my life – my daughter, my sons’ female partners, my granddaughters, my friends and those now gone – my mother, grandmothers, aunts…so I bring here one of my poems Bloodlines about my paternal grandmother:

poem from my book Sightings published by Hen Run at         £4 plus p&p