A poem for National Poetry Day



The Wall


Everything I know

clamours inside,

shouts not to,


even so, here I am

leaning out a little

looking down.


Don’t look down

he says, look ahead.

So I do


seeing a black roof,

sloped tiles,

the wide gap.


My heart decides

before I do.


Rose Cook




On such a day as this

when the fogged cold has turned to warm gold

and the clear air tangs,

singing of red berries and tawny leaves.

When the sun glances

at still, green fields, blue sky

but follows the promise of change.


On such a day as this

a man walked on his way,

with a rich, keen whistling

and a bounce in his stride,

heralding his work beginning

with the rattle of ladders

and a clash against the wall.


On such a day

watch my heart soar,

swell and fly with the mystery of it,

rocket clean through the windows

to party with the whole of it,

the moment majesty,

the wonderful.