Light Shift – a poem from ‘When the Birds Came’ – Rose Cook

Light Shift


Morning and hope of seeing light shift on the wall,

already the tree across the road is covered in pink blossom.

We have our own Hanami, hold baby up to see.

At night I look down at it, even in the dark it blossoms whitely.

The moon shines full, a snow moon.


Every day a new page

every day a chance.


On a walk we find an elf garden 

made from sticks and moss

where a child played

and a circle of celandine flowers

shine with yellow magic.



Rose Cook

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‘When the Birds Came’ – a new book of poems by Rose Cook

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June ~ summertime

June – time of blossom:

Now summer is in flower and nature’s hum

is never silent round her sultry bloom

insects as small as dust are never done

wi’ glittering dance and reeling in the sun…

(from John Clare’s The Shepherd’s Calendar 1-4)




Month of the Summer with longer nights.

Moon of horses Dyad moon Strawberry moon Summer Solstice

Buzzards learn to fly. Dragonflies flash.

Sunflowers open. Wheat ripens. Soft fruit time.

To roll a strawberry in the palm of your hand is to hold the weight

of so many weeks of sunshine, earth and water.

Iris, butterflies, rose.

Time of garlands, floral dancing, midsummer weddings.

In the fields, sheep seek shade, tuck together along hedges and shadow.



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