March ~ an excerpt from ‘Fresh Start: A Shepherd’s Calendar’ Rose Cook



Month of the Winds ambushed by sudden snow

Wind moon   Chaste Lenten moon   Vernal equinox  


Time of change. Spring begins.

We stand on the soil, feel life stir beneath and around us.

Small birds, sparrows, make nests, all birds grow intent and sing.

The distance we have travelled, we know ourselves better.

Rain runs down gutters, chatters up possibilities, lifts,

fills small pools where frogspawn glitters.



March – time of weather:


March, month of ‘many weathers’ wildly comes

in hail and snow and rain and threatening hums

and floods…



(from John Clare’s The Shepherd’s Calendar 1-3)

photo Rose Cook

‘Fresh Start: A Shepherd’s Calendar’ (pub Hen Run, Grey Hen Press 2021)

available £4 plus p&p from Rose at

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