Embracing generosity

It’s summer and a kind person got in touch to ask for another copy of my book ‘Shedding Feathers’. She’s lent her first copy out to someone, but can’t remember who. So in way of celebrating her generosity, here is a poem from that book. ‘The Shoaling’ refers to the sudden beaching of whitebait that happens along our Start Bay coastline in August.

should you like a copy of ‘Shedding Feathers’ (published by Hen Run, Grey Hen Press £4) then do get in touch on my email: rosecook108@gmail.com

Enjoy the rest of your summer 🍉

2 thoughts on “Embracing generosity

  1. Holy sonnet NOVEMBER 16, 2021 / JOHNEMARKS / EDIT

    No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one autumnal face.

    John Donne

    A brother and a son on the edge of a cliff Walking and talking, they look out to sea Me? I shout and I shout, but they don’t hear me. They’re fading, they’re falling, off the cliff side The sky is as huge, and the sea is as wide As the moving of moon, as the rising of tide. This Calvary moment, when Satan speaks well On how to adjust things and make a heaven of hell, If only I’ll sell him the right to the light. Darkness Arrives in the middle of day: dripping with blood That won’t go away. The shadow is mighty, still Darkness holds sway. The man on the cross takes Aeons to die. Listen to his son’s last despairing cry: “*My God, my God, why hast thou passed me by*?”

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