His Black-eyed Susans


His Black-Eyed Susans

People make so much fuss

about flowers, he’d say,


but after he died we found

his camera with a film in it.


He’d only taken seven shots,

all of his flower beds -


pink and white Petunias,

Lobelia, purple, white,


and a stand of yellow

Black-Eyed Susans.

Welcome to Spring



Time is now magnolia,

wax candles light trees

bring stark beauty

for first days of opening.

Bold blossoms poise while leaves begin.

The stone wall is lit by worship.


It is morning.

Three swans fly over the estuary

their necks outstretched.

They hold formation

just above the water.


This is spring’s song

three swans in flight

magnolias in bloom.


Rose Cook

For International Women’s Day March 8th


On Bringing Up Girls


Aren’t you going to clip her wings?

they said, That’s usual for a girl her age, isn’t it?

We said we didn’t want to clip her wings

and they watched our little daughter grow

bright and strong, then they said


Aren’t you going to tie her feet? That’s

advisable for a young girl, isn’t it?

We said we didn’t want to tie her feet

so they saw a young woman growing

clear and brave. Before they could say anything else

we said, Now it is time to teach her to fly.

They fell back.


They are teaching her to fly, they repeated,

teaching her to fly.

How wonderful, murmured their daughters,

and how interesting.

Rose Cook

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